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Sterling Silverware

Buying Sterling Silverware and Tableware 

Nashville Coin & Currency, Inc. 

   We are strong buyers of Silver Flatware and Tableware, and we are always buying.  All sterling silverware is valuable for its silver content, plus we pay more than just the silver price for certain patterns and makers. Whether it’s a common pattern or a special one, we buy it all!  

To help you determine if your items are solid sterling, or just plated, use this information to guide you:

Sterling Hallmark      Sterling Hallmark

Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper alloy added for durability and will be
marked “Sterling” or “925”.  Sterling comes in hundreds of design patterns from many different makers.

coin silver spoons
Coin Silver is also good silver.  It will often be marked "Coin", but sometimes it won't.
It is not as pure as Sterling, but Coin Silver is valuable for both its silver value and antique value.
This marking is usually seen on spoons. Forks & knives are rarely made of coin silver.

Silver plated hallmark
Here are some common markings that are known to be silver plated.
Unfortunately, silver plated items do not contain enough silver to make them valuable.
They may have hallmarks, but will not have the word “Sterling”.

Unless they are rare as antiques, they are bought and sold by the pound for the copper they contain under the plating.
Rogers Brothers,  1847 Rogers,  1881 Rogers
IS, International Silver
EPNS (electroplated nickel silver)
A1,  AA,  AAA,  Double,  Triple,   EPC
Sheffield,  German Silver,  White Metal
Community,   Electroplated Base Metal,   EP

Antique English or European hallmarks and markings can be very confusing.  Many are valuable, some are not.  We are to happy to help you determine the values of these as well.

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